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The Original Equity Group (OEG)  is removing barriers in the marketplace that impede the progress and growth of businesses owned and managed by Cannabis Social Equity Operators through our Equity Trade Certification (ETC) standards and program. 


The purpose of the Equity Trade Certification is to add trust, value and visibility to emerging Equity Operators and Equity brands. Members will uphold an Oath to certify a standard of quality for Equity Products and provide value to cannabis consumers and retailers. By certifying both the quality of the products as well as the ownership and control of the Equity business this will give consumers value that their purchase is going directly to help an individual damaged disproportionately by the War on Drugs.


We hope to further cannabis equity operators by creating a shared set of standards that will allow for great economic inclusivity and participation in the global cannabis marketplace.  




Please click the button below and sign up to qualify for our free pilot Equity Trade Certification (ETC) standards and program.  Which will include a digital trade mark file for your products and your logo will be posted on our site below



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Equity Trade Certified Brands